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HBVtech is awarded for phase II NIH research contract in Aug 29, 2022, to advance HBVZ10 development

Aug 29, 2022

HBVtech is awarded for phase II

In 2020, HBVtech was awarded phase I contract in competition for NIH research contract topic 84: antiviral drugs to cure chronic HBV infection.

HBVtech successfully completed the phase I contract and was recommended for application for phase II contract in 2021. After robust scientific and program review process, HBVtech was awarded with phase II contract in Aug 29th, 2022.

Under phase II contract, HBVtech will further validate and characterize the new HBV cure therapy and efficacy developed by HBVtech in three settings resembling HBeAg positive chronic HBV infection, HBeAg positive chronic hepatitis B, HBeAg negative chronic HBV infection.

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