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Break cycles of infection and cure infection

HBVtech is a biopharma startup located in Frederick, MD. HBVtech focuses on research and development of a single injection-based hepatitis B drug to cure hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection.  HBV infection is a major infectious disease globally, with approximately 302 million people chronically infected and nearly one million die of HBV-related liver diseases each year.

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Break cycles of infection and cure infection.  HBVtech is a biopharma startup located in Frederick, Maryland.  


Science behind the new HBV cure strategy.  Chronic HBV infection is conventionally thought to result from a continuation of unresolved initial HBV infection.


Technology Platform.

A sustained high level of endogenously expressed anti-HBs antibody is required to durably block new rounds of infection.


HBV product pipeline and development stage

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Contact HBVtech at any time for more information.  Or review our NEWS section for latest advances. 
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