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Chronic HBV infection is conventionally thought to result from a continuation of unresolved initial HBV infection. HBV transcription template covalently closed circular DNA (cccDNA) is considered long-lived in infected cells. HBV cure strategy advocated by HBV field includes: 1. Directly eliminate or permanently silence cccDNA or 2. destroy infected cells.

HBVtech discovered and confirmed: 1. A persistent HBV infection is mainly maintained by new rounds of infection; and 2. cccDNA is spontaneously lost from a fraction of infected cells. A new HBV cure strategy established by HBVtech focuses on blocking new rounds of infection with sufficient anti-HBs antibody.

This strategy further states that a complete sustained anti-HBs antibody seroconversion is required for effective HBsAg clearance and HBV functional cure.

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