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Why Choose HBVtech

About chronic hepatitis B and current treatment

Hepatitis B virus (HBV) chronically infects 302 million people worldwide and it also causes 4 million new infection each year. It is estimated that nearly one million people die of HBV related diseases annually. Chronic HBV infection is one of severe infectious diseases that need to be eradicated.

Hepatitis B drugs approved or under development do not generate durable efficacy, nor they deliver effective hepatitis B functional cure. Once hepatitis B patients started HBV treatment, a lifetime medication is generally required to avoid HBV infection rebound and flare up of liver injury after stopping the therapy

About HBVtech

HBVtech is developing a new class hepatitis B drug that aims to cure chronic HBV infection through a single injection.

Developing this new HBV drug has been mainly supported by NIH research contracts under PHS-2020-1 Topic 84: Antiviral drugs to cure chronic HBV infection, in addition to NIH SBIR grant and DoD grants.

The leading drug HBVZ10 has been extensively evaluated in animal experiments that established strong proof of concepts and is ready for IND studies.

About Founder Yong-Yuan Zhang

Yong-Yuan Started as a physician specialized in infectious diseases, then became an HBV virologist after his PhD in virology. He has >30 years of experience with studying hepatitis B virus.  His clinical background and extensive studies of animal models of HBV infection help him gain deep understanding of HBV infection biology.

He is convinced that chronic HBV infection can be effectively cured if guided by HBV infection biology. He is best equipped and determined to advance this new HBV drug HBVZ10 to clinical stage.

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