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HBVtech oral presentation in The Liver Meeting (TLM) 2022

Nov 11, 2022

The Liver Meeting 2022

The Liver Meeting 2022, the largest and most prestigious international conference on the liver is taking place in the Water E Washington Convention Center from Nov 4-8.

On November 6th, HBVtech gave an oral presentation titled” Shortening HBV treatment and preventing HBV relapse by adding an anti-HBs expressing AAV- vector to entecavir therapy in HBV infected uPA/SCID chimeric mice” in the TLM22.

HBVtech delivered three important findings in the effort to effectively cure chronic hepatitis B infection.

1.       HBV infection rebound after current antiviral therapy stops is mainly caused by expanded new rounds of infection and can be effectively prevented with added HBVZ10, a leading HBV cure drug developed by HBVtech.

2.       HBVtech’s new hepatitis B cure strategy accelerates serological transition and shortens HBV curative course that usually takes years with current therapies, to a few months.

3.       A complete anti-HBs seroconversion is a turning point in HBV curative treatment, leading to more effective HBV functional cure.

HBVtech Presentation PDF

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