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HBVtech is hiring

Nov 4, 2022

Director or Executive for Strategic and Operational Business Development

HBVtech is a biopharma startup located in Frederick, MD. HBVtech focuses on research and development of a single injection-based hepatitis B drug to cure hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection.  HBV infection is a major infectious disease globally, with approximately 302 million people chronically infected and nearly one million die of HBV-related liver diseases each year.

This single injection drug has been selected as an HBV cure drug candidate by NIH through competition for NIH research contract topic 84: antiviral drugs to cure chronic hepatitis B virus infection. Current development is funded by NIH research contracts and grant, as well as DoD and TEDCO grants. This drug has established strong proof of concepts and demonstrated remarkable HBV functional cure efficacy compared to known HBV drugs currently approved or under development, which fail to achieve HBV functional cure using the same HBV infected uPA/SCID chimeric mice model. Clearly, HBVtech’s product and treatment strategy are ahead of HBV field.

This HBV drug is ready for IND-enabling studies. The CSSi Life Sciences, an FDA regulatory consultant firm, has evaluated the data of this drug and concluded that the IND studies can be completed in less than 600 days if fully funded. HBVtech planned to complete the IND studies and phase I trial in three years, then exits through acquisition or IPO.

HBVtech is at a critical stage to turn this valuable product to a successful business and is looking for an experienced business executive or BD director to lead and execute this business strategy and plan.

An ideal candidate should have track-record of building early biotech startups into a successful business through raising needed investment and leveraging collaborative and productive relationship with established biopharmas and biopharma analysts.  

Major responsibilities

  1. Build HBVtech business structure and organization and convert it from a currently research and development focused entity to a business oriented and thriving company.

  2. Raise needed funds for IND studies and phase I trial.

  3. Connect and establish collaborative and productive relationship with established biopharmas that have robust HBV drug programs and with HBV drug analysts whose opinions may influence HBV drug industry.

  4. Prepare and execute IPO plan in tandem with acquisition plan.

  5. Negotiate licensing agreements and other collaborations

  6. Build HBVtech business team and recruit other executives.

Core quality, competence and track record

  1. Passion for the HBV cause and unwavering faith and determination for the success of HBVtech

  2. 5-10 years of experience with track record of successful strategic planning, business development and funds-raising for biotech startups

  3. Possess valuable networks and connections of investors and biotech partners

  4. An outstanding ability to seek and establish clarity on each issue before decision

  5. Recognized competence in prioritizing issues, identifying and executing efficient solutions

  6. Highly responsible, thoughtful and collegial, but decisive


A degree in life science or biotech

An MBA is not required but is a plus.


Contact information

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